Happy New Year!

Posted in Blog on December 31st, 2013.

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Happy New Year
Did you know that “Getting a Better Education” is one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions?

School Training Solutions (STS) can help you and your employees achieve this resolution. Today is a great day to expand the training you offer employees. STS can put together a customized online training catalog that meets your organization’s specific needs. We offer online courses for professional development, teachers, administrative, food service, campus security, pupil transportation, and maintenance & facilities.

Benefits of an online training option include:

 ·  Flexibility—Courses are online and available 24/7
 ·  Consistent—Online format ensures all employees receive the same information
 ·  Measurable—Reporting features allow administrators and their designees to monitor progress. Printable reports provide documentation needed for employees' mandated training
 ·  Cost and Value—Online training is significantly less expensive than classroom-based instruction.

If you are thinking about expanding the training you offer your employees, or if you think another department could benefit from similar savings and convenience, please let me know.

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