Video Blog – 5/17/13 – News and Updates

Video Blog – 5/17/13 – News and Updates


School Training Solutions (STS) UPDATES

My Weekly Updates:

Today’s video blog was done off script. Here are some highlights.

Summer is our busiest time of year. School bus drivers do less driving and concentrate on the training requirements for the upcoming school year.

The “Sharing the Road” campaign is still going. The Sharing the Road online course is available at the discounted price until the end of May. The online defensive driving course, The Threat of Road Rage, will be available at a discount during June.

Support National Bike Month in May:

Congratulations to everyone who participated in Bike to Work Week, May 13 – 17.

Look for a demo video of our courseware on the blog next week.

Subscribe to the blog at:

Check out our T-shirt Challenge to raise money for One Fund Boston.

Twitter: @SchoolTraining

Thank you for watching!

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Video Blog – Sharing the Road UPDATES

Sharing the Road UPDATES and Cycling News & Tips

Sharing the Road UPDATES and Cycling news – Transcript:

Hello everyone!

First I want to say Thank you to everyone who supported us (Team Sharing the Road) while we were on the road in New Orleans, participating in the Ironman 70.3 event.

The School Training Solutions, Sharing the Road campaign is going strong.

We’ve added more events this month and extended the discount for the Sharing the Road online course. This course will be available, with the discount, until the end of May.

Our “Threat of Road Rage” online course will be available at a discount for the month of June. A third online course will be available for July.

There is a lot of “Cycling News” this week:

May is National Bike Month. This is sponsored by the League of American Bicycles and includes a lot of cycling activities, including a “Biking to Work” initiative.

May 1 – September 30 marks the 2013 National Bike Challenge. The Challenge is an exciting health and wellness initiative that encourages people to bike for transportation and recreation.

If you are interested in participating in any National Bike Month activities, I’ve included links to sponsor websites in the body of this post.

I am planning to bike to work during the Month of May.

A lot of people think that commuting to work on a bike takes too much time.

As a rule of thumb, commuting to work via cycling will take about twice as long as driving. However, trips less than 3 miles are often faster by bike, and those 5 to 7 miles long take about the same time, as driving.

Just something to think about.

Thank you for watching and reading. If you would like to follow our Sharing the Road campaign or access one of the online courses we are offering, visit:

Remember while driving be aware of your surrounds and continue sharing the road with pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycles, school buses, and other vehicles.

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