Below you’ll find answers for the questions we most frequently hear regarding School Training Solutions (STS). If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online training from School Training Solutions offers numerous advantages over the traditional approach for conducting training:

  • Tailored Solution – For states and school districts we will work with you to develop a customized, tailored portal to meet the training needs of your school district as opposed to the cookie cutter approach others use.
  • Flexibility and Availability – Available 24/7/365, online training can be conducted when and where time permits. No more waiting for classes to form up, traveling, make-up classes, or taking time away from other activities!
  • Both Cost and Value – Online training is significantly less expensive than classroom based instruction. Furthermore, as we develop other mandatory training courses for school employees we will add them to your catalog at no additional cost.
  • Online Documentation and Reporting – Up to the minute reporting is available to your portal administrator on the mandatory training status of the employees in your school district.

Training can be purchased a various user levels including individual courses, subscriptions to specific catalogs, and/or school district or state portal solutions.

Prices for individual courses and catalogs can be found on our Purchase page.

Prices for custom curriculums/catalogs, school district portals, and state solutions will vary based on the courses offered and the amount of users. Please contact us.

School Training Solutions has a selection of over 200 hours of training (and growing) and can create a curriculum that meets your specific needs. For reference, a statewide or school district solution generally provides a private portal with a one-time setup fee of $1,200 and a discounted annual subscription rate of $60 per user.

Contact Smart Horizons/School Training Solutions at 1-800-261-6248 or enrollment@schooltrainingsolutions.com and our friendly
Customer Service personnel will gladly assist you in determining the best solution.

You may have your screen resolution set too small. School Training Solutions courses require your screen resolution to be set at 1024 x 768 or higher.

On Windows PCs, you right click on the desktop and select “Properties”.

A window titled “Display Properties” will come up. From there, select the “Settings” tab.

You should see a box titled “Screen resolution”. In it you should see a slider button and on one end of the bar you should see “Less” and on the other end should see “More”. Drag the slider towards “More” and you should see the screen resolution increasing.

Make sure that the resolution is set at 1024 x 768 or higher. Then select either “Apply” or “OK” to apply the changes.

No. You may purchase an individual annual subscription; however without purchasing a portal, you do not receive any of the tools that come with a portal such as student record keeping, certification management, secure instant messaging, threaded discussions, digital libraries, and several other features.

There are two ways to purchase School Training Solutions training, (1) through a technology center that offers the training or (2) you can purchase individual annual subscriptions directly from School Training Solutions.

This is decided by the technology center but School Training Solutions is online training and can be accessed anywhere there is a computer and internet access.

While the training can be done anywhere, we recommend that employees come to your facility to take their certification exam. This will insure that the employee actually taking the exam is the employee that is handing you the certificate of completion.

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