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School Bus Universal Crossing Signal


This video provides an animated review of the Universal Crossing Signal, which is considered a School Bus Driver best practice.

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Discounted Course:
Cross-Cultural Communication

Head Gears

Discounted Price: $30 $15

This course discusses the unique characteristics of communicating across cultural lines. It also discusses various cultural perspectives, and the skills and abilities needed to address them in the workplace and society.

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Stop Signs Around the World

Cross-Cultural Communication Infographic

Some consider ignorance of cultural norms to be the primary
barrier to cross-cultural communication. The following are the
areas where cross-cultural communication barriers are most
likely to occur.

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School Bus Universal Crossing Video

Substances Misuse and Abuse (NEW Courses!)

This content discusses the effects of alcohol use and the dangers associated with abusing alcohol. It also describes methods for stopping alcohol abuse and treating alcohol dependence.

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School Bus Universal Crossing Video

Epidemic: Illegally Passing Stopped School Buses Video

Illegal passing of school buses is a major problem in America. In 2015, over 78,000 illegal passes were documented during a one-day survey. These numbers show the potential for disastrous results. In some cases, the worst becomes reality.

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School Bus Universal Crossing Video

Parental Fears Article

Each and every day over 25 million students in the United States
safely ride the bus to and from school. Although school buses
have been proven to be the safest mode of transportation for
children traveling to school and back, parents still have some valid

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Start planning for the 2017 America’s Best Training & Skills Challenge

Start planning for the 2017 America’s Best Training & Skills Challenge

Americas Best 2017
Each year the National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT) holds the America’s Best Training & Skills Challenge, and this year’s competition will function jointly with NAPT’s 43rd Annual Summit: Discover New Ideas. Your America’s Best registration includes complimentary registration for NAPT’s Annual Summit!

For years the America’s Best program has offered training and a skills challenge for technicians and inspectors. In addition to hands-on training, you’ll have access to the NAPT Trade Show as well as dozens of different workshops specifically designed for technicians and inspectors!

Will you be there?

America’s Best
The annual NAPT Conference and Trade Show is consistently recognized as the premier school transportation conference in the nation. Expect 6 keynote speakers, 13 different in-depth, 3-hour training classes, dozens of workshops, at least 125 vendors, and more than 1500 people. See the newest products and latest technology in pupil transportation!

NAPT Summit
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Back to School!

Back to School

Back to School!

It is the time of year the parent’s are buying school supplies, kids are packing their new backpacks, and school administrators are preparing for the upcoming year. It is a perfect time to ensure school employees are ready!

Online training can help satisfy yearly requirements or simply provide an option for professional development and growth.

School Training Solutions can provide online training options for your school employees.


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New Courses for the 21st Century Employee


New Courses for the 21st Century Employee

The hot topic in employee training is 21st Century Skills. These desired skills were compiled with input from teachers, experts, and business leaders with a focus on traits and knowledge individuals need to succeed. Twenty-first century skills shape more well-rounded and efficient employees.

Smart Horizons has spent the last two years developing courses that help hone an employee’s skills, efficiency, and effectiveness in:

  • Communications
  • Behavior and Etiquette
  • Productivity
  • Management and Leadership

I would be happy to provide the full list of new courses available. We can provide a comprehensive 21st Century Skills training curriculum for your organization or department.

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A Focus on Pupil Transportation Growth

School Buses Parked

A Focus on Pupil Transportation Growth

As the pupil transportation industry grows with new technology and procedures, so does the educational needs and expectations of individuals within the industry. For these reasons, the NAPT Certification Program continues to cultivate the best professionals in the industry.

The list of Certified Pupil Transportation Professionals continues to develop. Are you on it?

You can start your NAPT Certification online right now!

Professional Development   NAPT Certification  
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