Meet NAPT Conference Thought Leader: Michele Beckjord!

The Big Show

Join NAPT for the 44th Annual Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, October 27th-30th.

Michele Beckjord

Ms. Michele Beckjord has been employed at the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) since 1995 and serves as a senior accident investigator and project manager. She has led survival factors investigations of major highway accidents involving school buses, motorcoaches, and other heavy vehicles along with motorcoach fires and bridge collapses.

Ms. Beckjord is one of MANY speakers, thought leaders, and industry experts that are participating at this year’s conference.

Join us at the Big Show!

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Defensive Driving Curriculum Online for Wyoming School Employees

Safety License PlateDefensive Driving Curriculum Online for WY School Employees

Online defensive driving courses can satisfy your school district’s requirement for training.

School Training Solutions (STS) offers a defensive driving curriculum that is intended for any driver operating a school owned vehicle (van, suburban, car). Select the lessons you want your staff to take!

Updated for the new year!
Our Defensive Driving curriculum contains these lessons:

  • Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Driving (1 Hour)
  • Defensive Driving (1 Hour)
  • Expressway Driving (1 Hour)
  • Signals, Signs, and Markings (1 Hour)
  • Intersection Safety (1 Hour)
  • Speed Limits and Official Stops (1 Hour)
  • Driving Conditions Requiring Heightened Awareness (1 Hour)
  • Vehicle Maintenance (1 Hour)
  • Safety Belts and Child Safety (1 Hour)
  • Vehicle and Roadway Emergencies (1 Hour)
  • Sharing the Road (1 Hour)
  • Pedestrian Traffic (1 Hour)
  • Traffic Lanes (1 Hour)
  • Making Turns (1 Hour)
  • Proper Parking Techniques (1 Hour)
  • The Threat of Road Rage (1 Hour)

Each course is self-paced, and can be completed when and where it is convenient, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Feel free to pass this information along to anyone who may be interested in online driver training!

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NAPT is Connecting, Communicating, and Collaborating in Kansas City!

Join NAPT for the 44th Annual Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, October 27th-30th.

NAPT Trade Show Kansas City, MO

The annual NAPT Conference and Trade Show is consistently recognized as the premier school transportation conference in the nation. Over the course of the conference, participants have access to keynote speakers, in-depth training courses, dozens of workshops, and vendors showcasing the latest in pupil transportation. Topics range from the latest in specialized transportation to effective department management and everything in between. There is something for everyone involved in pupil transportation.

NAPT circus tent

  • Access to industry leaders
  • Nationally recognized speakers
  • Industry’s largest trade show
  • Credits towards national certification
  • Industry relevant workshops
  • Professional networking
  • A special, live action EVENT
  • America’s Best Inspector and Technician Challenge

Join us at the Big Show!

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STS Highlights: July 2018

STS Highlights: July 2018

STS Highlights: July 2018

Drivers Ed Refresher
New Post-it Note

10 Things You’ve Forgotten Since
Driver’s Ed


Some rules of the road are easy to follow – and easy to forget! View our new infographic for a quick driver’s ed refresher.
View Now


Diversity Training Online Course Combo

Price: $45

Includes 3 independent lessons:

  • Diversity in the Workplace (1 Hour)
  • Communication and Diversity (1 Hour)
  • Tolerance and Respect (1 Hour)

Enroll Now

School Bus Tech

5 Questions Answered by New Tech on School Buses

Who? What? Where? When? How? Here are 5 questions answered by new technology in school buses.
Read More

School Bus

Coloring Activities Print

Keep the kids entertained while learning with these fun coloring activities.

STS Coloring ActivitySTS Coloring Activity 2STS Coloring Activity

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OAPT Trade Show 2018 – Thank You OAPT Members!

STS Booth PicThank You

School Training Solutions (STS) has been the training partner of OAPT since 2005. We continue to be a proud supporter of OAPT and the training and education goals of OK school bus drivers across the state. Thank you for your continued patronage. Thank you also for visiting our booth at the OAPT Trade Show!

Remember STS and OAPT to meet these training needs:

1. OK School Bus Driver Certification Training. Our online Oklahoma School Bus driver training is recognized by DOE as covering the classroom requirement for school bus drivers. This is an affordable, convenient, web-based option for training. This training is available for purchase through OAPT!

2. OK School Bus Driver Inservice Training. Our online Oklahoma School Bus driver curriculum can also be used for inservice training. This web-based training is also available for purchase through OAPT!

3. OK School Bus Driver Re-Certification. After a period of inactivity, a school bus driver may be required to recertify by taking training on specific topics. OAPT offers an online version of this Re-certification training!

If you would like to find out more about the exciting online training options for Oklahoma school bus drivers, please contact us or OAPT directly. Thanks again for attending the Conference and Tradeshow!

Happy E-Learning!

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