GAPT Embraces NAPT Certifications with Member Scholarships

GAPT Embraces NAPT Certifications with Member Scholarships


The Georgia Association for Pupil Transportation (GAPT) helped their members get a course or two closer to National certification with scholarships to complete NAPT Online Certification courses. One hundred and twenty-five (125) scholarships were awarded with a goal of doubling that number next year!

Encouraging the education and advancement of their members is great for GAPT, Georgia, and the entire pupil transportation industry as it builds a strong, capable, and determined workforce. The GAPT Professional Development Scholarship Program is an easy model for any association that wants to provide an enticing incentive for membership or conference attendance.

NAPT currently offers 4 professional certification designations, created specifically for student transportation professionals:

  • Certified Director of Pupil Transportation (CDPT)
  • Certified Supervisor of Pupil Transportation (CSPT)
  • Certified Pupil Transportation Specialist (CPTS)
  • Certified in Special Needs Transportation (CSNT)

NAPT Certification

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STS Highlights: April 2019

STS Highlights: April 2019

Spring is literally in the air. The weather is warming. Plants are blooming. The dull cold of winter is transitioning into the vibrant warmth of spring. What is your springtime ritual? Do you deep clean your house or start spending more time outside? Do you take a trip? Do you learn a new skill?

Many people find spring time inspiring. They see the new growth in nature and search themselves for ways of improvement. We hope these resources help you renew, refresh, and grow with the spring season!

Be inspired,

Security School Bus Inspections Flyer

Security School Bus Inspections Checklist

Daily school bus safety inspections are an industry standard.

View Checklist

School Bus Danger Zones

Using a Fire Extinguisher – P.A.S.S. Procedure Video

When Using a fire extinguisher, remember the word pass.

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NAPT Certification

• Earn Competitive Advantage
• Increase Earning Potential
• Update Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities
• Build Professional Credibility
• Network within the Industry

NAPT Certification

STS Course Catalog

STS Course Catalog

• Professional Development
• Security
• Food Service
• Transportation
• State Specific Certification

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Top 10 Driving Pet Peeves

Top 10 Driving Pet Peeves Article

From texting while driving to tailgating, we’ve listed the top 10 gripes among American drivers. Their nuisance level is on a scale of 1-10.

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STS Highlights: March 2019

STS Highlights: March 2019

Spring is in the air, literally. Plants are blooming and pollen is dropping. My sinuses hate me right now as allergies attack. Regardless of my antihistamine induced haze, I’ve put together a pretty good selection of content for March. Enjoy St. Patty’s Day safely and responsibly and welcome the warmth of Spring!


Best Practices When Pulled Over

Best Practices When Pulled Over Infographic

If you are stopped by a law enforcement officer, follow these best practices for a healthy interaction.

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School Bus Danger Zones

School Bus Danger Zones Flyer Graphic

See the safest and the most dangerest zones when using the school bus.

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Bullying Video

Recognizing the Warning Signs of Bullying Video

STS illustrates bullying warning signs that are both physically visible and not so apparent.

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Commitment to Safety Article

Commitment to Safety Article

“It will never happen to me.” This statement is often thought or said by many when an emergency situation occurs.

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Musical Notes

March is “Music in Our Schools Month” and we have a course for that via Smart Horizons Child Care

Experiencing Music in the Classroom (.1 CEU/1 Hour) – This course familiarizes individuals with techniques for incorporating music education into the classroom including singing, making music, and listening. It discusses the cognitive and emotional benefits of music.

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Annual Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

Annual Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

Valentines Heartsy

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to engage in active, annual sexual harassment awareness training. We provide an excellent online option that ensures your employees maintain the highest level of professionalism in the workplace.

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STS Highlights: February 2019

STS Highlights: February 2019

I am feeling nostalgic this month with memories of exchanging Valentine’s Cards in Elementary School. I remember signing them, handing them to classmates, and receiving them from friends, teachers, and my bus driver. This year we put together some fun, printable “Be My Valentine” cards! Valentine’s is also an easy marker for when to complete annual sexual harassment awareness training.

All the best,

Valentines Day Cards

NEW Valentine’s Day Cards

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by printing out these free Valentine’s Day cards. They’ll “drive you wild!”

View and Print

Sexual Harassment In the Workplace

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

This infographic explains the 5 different types of sexual harassment found in the workplace.

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Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

Sexual Harassment Awareness Training Courses

Includes 4 independent lessons:

• Introduction to Sexual Harassment
• Sexual Harassment Awareness Overview
• Sexual Harassment in the Office
• Sexual Harassment: Prevention and Response

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5 Ways Sexual Harassment is Changing in the Workplace

5 Ways Sexual Harassment Awareness Is Changing in the Workplace Blog

Sexual harassment….Perhaps no two words have claimed more national attention in recent days. High profile cases involving Hollywood celebrities, media moguls, and members of Congress have helped to spark a nationwide focus on sexual harassment. This focus is changing sexual harassment awareness in workplaces all over America.

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