What happens to a School Bus after it’s retired?

Posted in Blog on October 20th, 2012.

It is no secret that I work on school bus driver training. I often ask my family and friends to be on the look out and take photos of school buses in action (safely, not while driving). As a result, I typically get some good shots of loading and unloading or parked school buses. I also get random internet links, how-to articles, and school bus themed humor. Previously my favorite odd-ball story was a how-to article about converting school bus into an RV. Yesterday the opening/keynote speaker was a film-maker who chronicled the life of a school bus that was auctioned off for use in Guatemala. The film shows the bus’ transformation as it changes owners and purposes. The film also shows some very powerful moments related to the Guatemalan culture, economy, and social struggles. If you have a chance, check out the website or facebook page. Thanks for reading.

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