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Posted in Blog on October 7th, 2014.

Bloodborne Pathogens
A bloodborne pathogen is a microscopic organism present in human blood that causes disease in humans. It is important to be trained and aware of bloodborne pathogens in order to stay safe and healthy. View our infographic for more information on how bloodborne pathogens are transmitted, types of bloodborne pathogens, as well as how diseases contracted from bloodborne pathogens are prevented. Please feel free to share our infographic with anyone you think can benefit from this information.

We are also offering 2 discounted courses about the hazards of bloodborne pathogens and what preventable measures you can take to protect yourself from exposure. These courses are offered at a discounted price of $20 each during October.

Discounted Courses:

Bloodborne Pathogens (2 Hours)

Discounted Price: $30 $20

This course describes bloodborne pathogens and defines associated terminology. It also discusses signs, symptoms, and treatments of the most commonly encountered bloodborne diseases, their methods of transmission, ways to prevent exposure to bloodborne pathogens, and beneficial actions following any incidental exposure.

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HIV/AIDS Awareness (2 Hours)

Discounted Price: $30 $20

This course describes historical background and general statistics of HIV/AIDS. It describes HIV/AIDS methods of transmission, symptoms, and treatment options. Techniques for prevention and legal issues pertaining to HIV/AIDS are also identified.

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