STS Highlights March 2024

Posted in Blog on March 19th, 2024.

STS Highlights: March 2024

This month I stumbled on a Farmer’s Almanac post about “March” which shared some fascinating fun facts, folklore, and holidays. I’m passing some of it along:

  • March is named for the Roman God of War, Mars.
  • We have International Women’s Day, the start of Daylight Savings Time, Ramadan, St. Patrick’s Day, the Spring equinox, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter this month.
  • March’s full moon, the Worm Moon, reaches peak illumination on the morning of March 25.
  • March is typically the time to start a vegetable garden.
  • Folklore: A wet spring, a dry harvest.
  • Folklore: Thunder in spring, Cold will bring.

You might be wondering what any of this has to do with training, and that answer is, “Nothing.” But it is important to take breaks and relax every once in a while, and sometimes tidbits of information like these can inspire.

With the coming of Spring, I’ve pulled together resources to help clean and start fresh. The goal with these monthly resources is always to convey a few public service announcements (PSAs) and to help elevate your career, department, or organization. As always, we take pride in helping you meet your training needs and goals.


School Bus (S) Endorsement - ELDT - Theory Curriculum

School Bus (S) Endorsement – ELDT – Theory Curriculum

Do you want to drive a school bus? Adding the appropriate endorsement to your CDL means taking training, passing a knowledge test, and fulfilling certain age/medical/fingerprint requirements. We offer the THEORY training!

School Bus

ELDT Theory

Pick 6 Hours - Defensive Driver Training

Pick 6 Hours – Defensive Driver Training

Satisfy your district’s defensive driving requirement with affordable online courses from School Training Solutions. STS offers a defensive driving theory curriculum ($45 per person) that is intended for any driver operating a school owned vehicle.

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Streamlining New Employee & Annual Training

Streamlining New Employee & Annual Training

Most jobs begin with on-boarding training and require annual in-service. Our employee readiness training includes a broad selection of topics to facilitate communication, refresh knowledge, and expand productivity & performance.

Focus on Employees

2024 Iowa Conference & Trade Show

2024 Iowa Conference & Trade Show

The Historic 60th Annual IPTA Summer Conference and Trade Show is July 15-17, at the Airport Holiday Inn & Conference Center. The IPTA has an outstanding lineup of presenters and companies ready to provide valuable transportation information.

Join Us

Cleaning & Disinfecting a School Bus

Cleaning & Disinfecting a School Bus

Consistently and correctly cleaning and disinfecting minimizes the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses that cause illnesses from the common cold to COVID-19.

Cleaning & Disinfecting Tips

Just for Fun: How to be a Success at Everything

Just for Fun: How to be a Success at Everything

Be yourself and follow your heart is BS career advice. This one thing can help you succeed, according to science. Debunk the platitudes and approach life (and work) as a balancing act between rational long-term self-management.

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Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse

Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse

Next month, April, is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. When was the last time your employees took training to aid in the identifying and reporting of possible abuse?

Identify Child Abuse

NAPT Certification

NAPT Certification

Become certified and proudly use your designation to advance your career AND show your commitment to the pupil transportation profession.

NAPT Certification

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