STS Highlights: June 2017

Posted in Blog on June 15th, 2017.

STS Highlights: June 2017

STS Highlights: June 2017

Fathers Day InfographicFun Facts About Fathers (Infographic)

Do you know when Father’s Day began or who started it? Did you know that the average father changes a baby diaper faster than the average mom or how about dads make their babies smarter? Checkout these fun facts in our infographic for Father’s Day!

Emergency RespondersMedical Emergency Awareness

This course discusses causes and symptoms of the following medical emergencies: anaphylaxis, choking, diabetic coma, seizures, and shock. It details appropriate first aid treatment.

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Carry Techniques Infographic

8 Emergency Carry Techniques Video

View 8 emergency carrying techniques such as The Cradle, Piggyback, Fireman Carry and more!
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State Laws Stopping for School Buses

Everyday Heroes Article

When many of us hear the word “hero” our mind immediately turns to fictional characters such as: Batman, Superman, Spiderman, etc. Most of us do not automatically think of school bus drivers.

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Bike Safety

Discounted Course:
Sharing the Road Bonus

This course discusses sharing the road and pedestrian traffic. Lesson one discusses procedures that should be followed in order to safely drive in various types of traffic.

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