STS Highlights: August 2017

Posted in Blog on August 17th, 2017.

STS Highlights: March 2017


School Bus Universal Crossing Signal


This video provides an animated review of the Universal Crossing Signal, which is considered a School Bus Driver best practice.

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Discounted Course:
Cross-Cultural Communication

Head Gears

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This course discusses the unique characteristics of communicating across cultural lines. It also discusses various cultural perspectives, and the skills and abilities needed to address them in the workplace and society.

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Stop Signs Around the World

Cross-Cultural Communication Infographic

Some consider ignorance of cultural norms to be the primary
barrier to cross-cultural communication. The following are the
areas where cross-cultural communication barriers are most
likely to occur.

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School Bus Universal Crossing Video

Substances Misuse and Abuse (NEW Courses!)

This content discusses the effects of alcohol use and the dangers associated with abusing alcohol. It also describes methods for stopping alcohol abuse and treating alcohol dependence.

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School Bus Universal Crossing Video

Epidemic: Illegally Passing Stopped School Buses Video

Illegal passing of school buses is a major problem in America. In 2015, over 78,000 illegal passes were documented during a one-day survey. These numbers show the potential for disastrous results. In some cases, the worst becomes reality.

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School Bus Universal Crossing Video

Parental Fears Article

Each and every day over 25 million students in the United States
safely ride the bus to and from school. Although school buses
have been proven to be the safest mode of transportation for
children traveling to school and back, parents still have some valid

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