STS Highlights April 2024

Posted in Blog on April 16th, 2024.

STS Highlights: April 2024

It’s been raining for days. The grass is growing fast, trees in my area are turning green, and the pollen count is off the charts. Spring is blooming.

April signifies two very important themes for child welfare: Child Abuse Prevention and Autism Acceptance. The statistics for both are staggering.

Frankly, if you are not taking steps to train employees working with children to identify and report child abuse OR make adjustments to accommodate ASD, you really should be.

On a much lighter note, Spring is also associated with cleaning. Do you deep clean your school buses?

The goal with these monthly resources is always to convey a few public service announcements (PSAs) and to help elevate your career, department, or organization. As always, we take pride in helping you meet your training needs and goals.

Let springtime reinvigorate,

NAPT ACTS! - Conference & Trade Show

NAPT ACTS! – Conference & Trade Show

Discover the benefits of investing in your attendance to NAPT ACTS, both for yourself and potentially for your colleagues. Join us October 4-8 in Oklahoma City!

Conference Website

Pick 6 Hours - Defensive Driver Training

Pick 6 Hours – Defensive Driver Training

Satisfy your district’s defensive driving requirement with affordable online courses from School Training Solutions. STS offers a defensive driving theory curriculum ($45 per person) that is intended for any driver operating a school owned vehicle.

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Streamlining New Employee & Annual Training

Just for Fun: The Most Epic April Fools’ Day Pranks of All Time

April Fools’ pranks have been around for a very long time. Ambiguous references to the holiday showed up in literature around the 1500s and we’ve been pranking our friends and family on April 1st ever since. These are the “most epic” pranks.

Read Article

Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse

Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse

April, is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. When was the last time your employees took training to aid in the identifying and reporting of possible abuse?

Identify Child Abuse

Class B CDL -  ELDT - Theory Curriculum

Class B CDL – ELDT – Theory Curriculum

Any driver seeking a Class B CDL is required to complete THEORY and behind-the-wheel training and successfully pass a CDL skills test. Our online curriculum satisfies the THEORY training requirement.

Class B

ELDT Theory

Autism Acceptance

Autism Acceptance

The Autism Society of America is building a legacy to create connections and empower everyone in the Autism community to live fully with acceptance and support.

Support Autism Acceptance

Free Autism Resource

School Bus Driver In-Service

School Bus Driver In-Service

School bus transportation safety is no accident. Each year, most school bus drivers are required to take annual in-service training. We offer an online option that covers a variety of topics to keep school bus drivers at peak performance behind-the-wheel.

See the Curriculum

Streamlining New Employee & Annual Training

Streamlining New Employee & Annual Training

Most jobs begin with on-boarding training and require annual in-service. Our employee readiness training includes a broad selection of topics to facilitate communication, refresh knowledge, and expand productivity & performance.

Focus on Employees

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