STS Highlights April 2023

Posted in Blog on April 18th, 2023.

STS Highlights: April 2023

As I put together this month’s Highlights, it was raining and I remembered the proverb, “April showers bring May flowers.” As the season and weather changes, remain vigilant on the potentially wet roads.

April also marks two very important themes for child safety. Blue ribbons signify Child Abuse Awareness, while multi-colored ribbons (or puzzle pieces) signify Autism Acceptance.

The goal with these monthly resources is always to help elevate your career, department, or organization. Please FORWARD this email to anyone who could benefit from the content. As always, we take pride in helping you meet your training requirements and goals.

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National Child Abuse Prevention

National Child Abuse Prevention

The campaign recognizes the importance of families and communities working together to strengthen families and prevent child abuse and neglect.

Learn More

Online Courses

National Child Abuse Prevention

Autism Acceptance

The Autism Society of America is building a legacy to create connections and empower everyone in the Autism community to live fully with acceptance and support.

Support Autism Acceptance

Free Autism Resource

NAPT Conference & Trade Show

NAPT Conference & Trade Show

The conference offers Professional Development Series (PDS) opportunities, dynamic and interactive sessions, fun evening events, and the unequaled Trade Show.


Access & Reduce Stress Levels

Access & Reduce Stress Levels

Understanding the effects of stress helps individuals recognize stress in themselves and others and respond better to stressful events.

Manage Stress

Just for Fun: A History of April Fools' Day

Just for Fun: A History of April Fools’ Day

Did you fall for a particular April Fools’ prank this year? The actual history of the prank-filled day is fascinating!.

Learn the Origins


NAPT Certification

Become certified and proudly use your designation to show your commitment to your career and the pupil transportation profession.

NAPT Certification

Annual In-Service for School Bus Drivers

Annual In-Service for School Bus Drivers

In most cases, school bus drivers are required to complete training each year to maintain their license. Online training is an affordable option to maintain compliance.

Enroll Drivers

School Bus Cleaning & Disinfecting

School Bus Cleaning & Disinfecting

School transportation departments are in a unique position to provide an effective strategy for slowing the spread of illness with consistent disinfection.

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