Help Us Encourage Road Safety

The “Sharing the Road” campaign was created to encourage road safety.

I want to take a moment to say, “Thank you!”

Thank you to everyone who supported us during our first event. Thank you to everyone who signed up for the discounted Sharing the Road online training course. We will continue blogging about events and what we experience while sharing the road with motor vehicles. We will continue offering discounts on our defensive driving courses as we participate in cycling, running, and triathlon events this spring and summer. I will also periodically offer video tips for Sharing the Road with pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, school buses, and other motor vehicles. Our Sharing the Road campaign is a chance to start a conversation and improve road safety. Get involved on our Facebook, Twitter, or Linked-In pages or email me.

When sharing the road and encouraging road safely, slow down and give a person room. Always obey the traffic laws and signals.

Thank you for reading/watching and continue safely Sharing the Road!

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