STS Highlights: September 2017

Posted in Blog on September 14th, 2017.

Active Shooter Response Training
(2 Hours/.2 CEUs)

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Preventing and Responding to Active Shooter Events (1 Hour)

This lesson describes the characteristics of an active shooter event using the definition established by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as the foundation. It also discusses actions and procedures that can be taken to prepare for an active shooter event.

Understanding and Preparing for Active Shooter Events (1 Hour)

This lesson describes actions that can be used to prevent an active shooter event. It discusses appropriate responses to an active shooter event. Definitions and procedures established by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security form a key portion of the content.

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School Bus Danger Zones

School Bus Danger Zones Infographic

See the safest and the most dangerest zones when using the school busl.

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Diversity Training (3 Hours/.3 CEUs)

New Courses: $45 Includes 3 lessons

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Diversity in the Workplace (1 Hour)

This lesson focuses on the components of diversity and why it is beneficial to have diversity in the workplace. It also identifies the importance of tolerance and approaches that can be taken to build personal diversity skills.

Communication and Diversity (1 Hour)

This lesson discusses the distinct characteristics of diversity, culture, and cross-cultural communication in American society. It also discusses prejudice, stereotyping, and ways to improve cross-cultural communication in the workplace.

Tolerance and Respect (1 Hour)

This lesson discusses the characteristics of tolerance, respect, diversity, and prejudice, and describes the relationships between them. It also describes ways to recognize and overcome implicit and explicit biases.

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NHTSA Infographics Infographic

Check out our large collection of school resources.

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Discounted Course:
Cross-Cultural Communication

Head Gears

Discounted Course: $30 $15

This course discusses the unique characteristics of communicating across cultural lines. It also discusses various cultural perspectives, and the skills and abilities needed to address them in the workplace and society.

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