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Posted in Blog on October 23rd, 2013.
Smart Horizons as an organization is fortunate to have professionals from varied backgrounds and experiences. As a way for the STS Blog to broaden its horizons and offer more insights and opinions, I’ve asked other members of the corporate family to guest blog.
Mr. Metzger has worked as both a courseware developer and marketing specialist for Smart Horizons. He also serves as Executive Director of the Choral Society of Pensacola, which is an affiliate organization of Pensacola State College, and is the performing arts writer for the Pensacola News Journal. Please welcome Andrew Metzger to the STS blog!

School Training Solutions
America’s Safe Schools Week Guest Post: Campus Security
I’ve worked as an administrator on the Pensacola State College Main Campus since 2002. It is both fascinating and richly rewarding to spend time around students and the esteemed colleagues who join me in serving those students.
College campuses are unique environments in many ways. Sadly, however, there are ways in which the woes of the “outside world” have begun to encroach more and more into what were once considered among the safest and most secure of environments. High-profile acts of violence have left lasting impressions in the public consciousness, while statistics point toward an overall upswing in crimes on U.S. college campuses.
U.S. report shows campus crimes on the rise
Campus Attacks: Targeted Violence Affecting Institutions of Higher Education
I’ve seen the changes at Pensacola State. News of an “incident” comes around a bit more often than it used to, raising awareness of the need to be vigilant, and to take additional steps to ensure the safety of students and employees alike. It really boils down to a shift in perceptions about the security of one’s environment, to seeing Pensacola State, or any college campus, in a slightly different light.
In addition to my college administration work, I am also proud to serve as a consultant for School Training Solutions (STS). STS offers a broad range of programs to meet many different online training needs, including a comprehensive Campus Security program that is custom designed to enhance the credentials and readiness of campus security professionals.
Crime on college campuses takes many different forms—from alcohol and drug violations, to burglary and theft, to violent crimes such as robbery and assault. Campus security personnel can never have too much training when it comes to keeping college environments safe, and the STS coursework covers every subject. Ethical behavior and core values, public event security, cross-cultural communication, crime scene preservation, and victim/witness awareness are among the many topics included.

The STS Campus Security program provides security professionals with useful, readily applicable information and techniques geared toward both preventing crimes and functioning at peak effectiveness when a crime does occur. And, as I never tire of telling my fellow administrators and faculty colleagues, acquiring knowledge about Campus Security is an excellent idea for professionals of all kinds working in a college environment.
Parents and students alike tell me that campus safety is now a key factor in choosing a college, taking its place alongside academic reputation, employment opportunities, and financial assistance when decision time rolls around.
I encourage you to Check out the School Training Solutions web site. It is a treasure trove of professional development opportunities that meet a variety of needs.

Andrew Metzger
Guest blogger
School Training Solutions

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