RAGBRAI: Harlan to Perry (July 22)

Posted in Blog, Sharing the Road on July 23rd, 2013.

Second Day. The ominous 83 mile day with an optional loop for a 100 plus mile day. We opted for the loop and road 111 miles over a 12 hour period, in heat, with hills. We brought it on ourselves. We wanted to prove that we could do it so we kept pushing. It was a goal that was achieved. Goals give you something to push for and something to build up to. The feeling of accomplishment is addicting. That is while our distances and events have continued to grow in distance.

Being from Florida, we are not very prepared for the “rolling hills.” They are significant but possible to push up, slowly. It was hot again; most likely the hottest of the week.

After a long day of peddling we saw some significant thunder storms in the evening. Down-pouring rain, thunder, and lightning. Wow.

Internet connectivity has been spotty at best. We have been pushing some short posts and photos out to Facebook.

Map – Harlan to Perry, IA

Pass-Through Town - Guthrie, IA

Pass-Through Town - Guthrie, IA


Century Distance Loop

Century Distance Loop


Thanks for reading. Continue safely Sharing the Road!

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