Online School Bus Driver Classroom Training in Florida

Posted in Blog on December 4th, 2014.

Florida’s Blended Learning Experience

The School Training Solutions (STS) Florida course, combined with a county’s behind-the-wheel training, exposes drivers to an ideal blended learning experience. The online course for bus drivers includes the 20 hours of training mandated by the State of Florida’s Department of Education (DOE), broken down into 13 lessons plus an end-of-course test. Students enrolled in the program are able to complete their required 20 hours of training within the total flexibility afforded by the STS online system.

The STS FL bus operator course includes the following online lessons:

• Operator Roles and Responsibilities (1 Hour)
• Becoming Familiar with a School Bus (2 Hours)
• School Bus Vehicle Inspections (1 Hour)
• School Bus Vehicle Operation (2.5 Hour)
• Traffic Control Devices (1 Hour)
• School Bus Critical Situations (2 Hours)
• Crash Procedures (1 Hour)
• Loading and Unloading Students (1.5 Hours)
• School Bus Passenger Management (2 Hours)
• First Aid (1 Hour)
• Students with Special Needs (2.5 Hour)
• Field and Activity Trips (1 Hour)
• Commercial Driver’s License Pre-trip Inspection (1.5 Hour)
• School Bus Operator Training End-of-Course Test (1 Hour)

Let us know if School Training Solutions (STS) can help you implement an online training program for your school bus drivers or other school employees.

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