On Our Way to RAGBRAI

Posted in Blog on July 18th, 2013.

Sharing the Road During RAGBRAI

We started the Sharing the Road Campaign to help make everyone more aware on the roads. We’ve continually pushed our message of road safety since April. It has been a great spring and summer. We have participated in a lot of really great events. For those who have followed our progress, thank you! I hope our posts have inspired you to at the very least, assess your driving habits. I also hope you have made positive changes in some of those habits. I also hope that you immediately think, “Share the Road” when you see a pedestrian, cyclist, motorcycle, school bus, or any other vehicle on the road.

Today we leave for Iowa to participate in the legendary RAGBRAI. During our bicycle ride across Iowa, I will continue to post updates and experiences from the road.

While the Sharing the Road campaign is coming to an end, please continue Sharing the Road!

Thank you again for following the campaign. I hope it has made a positive impact. We’ll see you next year.


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