No Joke. Free Time Management Course

Posted in Blog on April 3rd, 2018.

April Fools 2017

No Joke. Free Time Management Online Course

Time Management
April Fool’s is a recognized day of pranks and fun. No doubt you read questionable headlines and heard odd things. Did you prank someone? Did someone prank you?

One year, I filled a friend’s office with red balloons. The reaction was priceless, and the event has become legend around the building.

This year, in celebration of April Fool’s Day I am giving away the STS: Time Management course for free to individuals who email me using the link below, and tell me their best April Fool’s story or prank.

  • Submissions are accepted April 3 ONLY.
  • Login information is delivered via email so I need a valid name and email address.
  • Access to STS: Time Management will begin on April 12.
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