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Posted in Blog on September 19th, 2013.
It is hard to believe that members of Florida’s pupil transportation industry were meeting in Punta Gorda, FL only 2 months ago for the 2013 Summer Symposium. The beginning of the school year is here and everyone is busy. Remember, it is important to utilize breaks during the day!

Dr. Robert Kriegel recommends three, 15-minute timeouts during the day to relax, refresh, and refuel Taking Timeouts to Decrease Stress and Increase Creativity. It is okay to take a break and recharge.


Consider reading our article in Florida School Bus Magazine (Page 24). It discusses our online classroom curriculum for school bus drivers, and how our program can reduce your training expenses while still providing quality training for drivers and employees.

Contact us if we can help add an online component to your school bus driver training program.

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