Invest in Employees with a Training-Based Career Ladder

Posted in Blog on October 3rd, 2019.

Career Ladder in Clouds

Enhance skills, improve performance, and increase confidence.

As organizations look for better ways to keep and grow employees the concept of a Career Ladder is coming back to the forefront and providing a very enticing perk for employers and employees.

Volusia County Schools, Student Transportation Services department is leading by example with their first wave of drivers in the Volusia County Career Ladder. Drivers who elect to enroll in the program have a set time-period to complete the predetermined courses. Upon successful completion, participating drivers receive a bonus. It’s that simple.

Volusia Schools

Any organization is able to use our online courses as a basis for trackable, reportable, curriculum that enhances skills, improves job performance, and increases employee confidence.

If you’re interested in developing this type of online training perk for your organization or department, WE CAN HELP!

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