In-Service Training is Always a Good Idea

Posted in Blog on January 19th, 2016.

In-Service Training is Always a Good Idea

Keep Those Learning Wheels TurningThe impeccable safety record associated with the Pupil Transportation Industry is no accident. School Bus Drivers often engage in some form of In-Service training to stay familiar with laws, regulations, and driving techniques.

School Training Solutions is proud to offer an online option for School Bus Driver In-Service training. We can provide an affordable and effective selection of courses that total 15.5 hours of training! These topics are included:

  • DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing (1 Hour)
  • Child Transportation Safety (1 Hour)
  • Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse (1 Hour)
  • Inclement Weather and Adverse Conditions (2 Hours)
  • Knowing Your Route (1 Hour)
  • Pickup and Discharge Procedures (2 Hours)
  • Railroad Crossing Safety (1.5 Hours)
  • Stress and Driver Attitude (1 Hour)
  • Student Management (1 Hour)
  • Vehicle Operation (2 Hours)
  • Head Start Transportation (1 Hour)

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