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Posted in Blog on October 21st, 2012.

I like to run/jog in the places I visit. It keeps me on track with marathon training and it helps me see a lot more of the city than just driving from the hotel to dinner or other destinations. Since I don’t have any cool GPS gadget to monitor my path/distance, I usually rely on my $10 digital watch and google maps. Today, however, both Google maps and Bing Maps make me want to claw my eyes out and throw my laptop through my window. Is it to much to ask that when I select a point A and a point B that the path it shows is the path I actually used. Even the “walking” option for Bing was no help. Anyway, we got to see Mud Island and the other half of the Riverwalk path this afternoon, and we either did just under 7.5 miles or 456.3 miles depending on if you believe google maps or my average speed/pace and time jogging (as kept flawlessly on my $10 dollar watch) calculations.

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