Continuing Education: School Administration Can Be a Tricky Business

Posted in Blog on May 13th, 2014.

At the risk of sounding like an old-timer, I entered my first administrative position on a college campus in the late 70s – fresh out of graduate school and ready to take on the world. My fancy title was Coordinator for the Office of Personal Development and I was in charge of continuing education and special events at the University of West Florida. Though I had acquired a quality education to that point in my life, what I didn’t know about the dynamics of serving as an administrator in a campus environment would have filled many volumes.

Even though I was in charge of implementing a far-ranging continuing education program, that fresh-faced version of Andrew Metzger would have benefitted greatly from a little continuing education of his own. Comprehensive online professional development programs like those offered by School Training Solutions didn’t exist thirty-plus years ago. Heck, “online” didn’t exist thirty-plus years ago! This might come as a shock to the students with whom I work daily – lucky youngsters who have never lived a day without being mere keystrokes away from just about any life-enhancing information imaginable.

Let’s rewind to the late 70s. Back then, we depended largely on effective mentoring and good old-fashioned “learning on the job.” Don’t get me wrong, these are still very important elements in becoming an effective and efficient school administrator, but a little online help would have enriched my experience greatly. These days, my campus environment is Pensacola State College, and I am also honored to devote a certain amount of my time and energy as a consultant for STS.

Does STS have the perfect solution for individuals serving in school administration? You bet they do! The 14.3-hour Administrative track offered by STS is packed with useful, applicable information. This program teaches administrators how to manage workloads; build workplace relationships; create and maintain safe, effective work environments; and ensure that they are working within the law.

Many different topics are covered in this far-ranging Administrative program designed by the professionals at STS – from the technical, to the interpersonal, to the legal, to the downright visionary!

School administration can be a tricky business. My particular version of the profession requires me to interact with employees, volunteers and students in many different capacities. Quality continuing education such as that offered by STS brings administrative tasks into much clearer focus.

Wish I’d had it “back in the day.” Glad its here for me now!

Andrew Metzger
Guest blogger
School Training Solutions

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