Bluetooth is not a cure-all…

Posted in Blog on October 23rd, 2012.

One of the things that really stood out for me during the NAPT keynote address is a comment by a NTSB representatives about the use of blutooth or hands-free devices. Consider this blog paraphrased and by not means a direct representation of NTSB. It is purely my impression. As I understood it, the NTSB’s stance is that drivers should not use ANY devices while driving.

It is becoming common for States to ban texting, which is awesome, but many allow the use of hands-free devices. Are these types of devices better than fumbling with a phone to text or dial a number? ABSOLUTELY. Are hands-free devices still distracting? Yes. It only takes seconds of distraction to cause or contribute to an accident that could potentially injure or kill someone. Think about everything you do WHILE driving. Is it worth the change that it could hurt someone? No. Take the opportunity to slow your life down. When you drive – only drive. Stay safe everyone!

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