Being Aware.

Posted in Blog on March 13th, 2013.

I hate to get on a soapbox when I write my blogs. It is common to come across stories/news related to text and driving or distracted driving. A driver can lose control of a vehicle in a split second and cause a horrible crash. Distracted driving is avoidable. Concentrate on your surroundings and save lives! A school bus driver in Largo, FL is the perfect example. While driving his school bus, Jim Letos saw a toddler sitting on the side of the road. He took action and contacted authorities. The child was not injured and was reunited with the parents. This story could have ended horrifically, but because Mr. Letos was aware of his surroundings and paying attention to the road the story has a happy ending. (Source:

When driving, ONLY drive. Everything else can wait. Stay safe. Share the Road. Thanks for reading.

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