5 Questions Answered by New Technology in School Buses

Posted in Blog on May 15th, 2018.

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5 Questions Answered by New Technology in School Buses

There is no question that technology is constantly transforming the way we live our lives. Examples of these changes are evident everywhere, including how we communicate, how we conduct business, how we get our news, and even how we date. It should come as no surprise then, that new technology in school buses is changing the way children are transported to and from schools, making the journey a safer and more positive experience for students and parents. What are the improvements this new technology is bringing? Here are 5 questions answered by new technology in school buses:

1. WHO is putting our children at risk by violating traffic laws?

Stop-arm cameras can capture license plate numbers and identify motorists who endanger the lives of children by ignoring the stop signals of school buses. It has been reported that about 13 million school bus stop sign violations occur each year. Many of the accidents involving school bus children happen as they are being picked up or dropped off. The use of school bus stop-arm cameras can help to decrease the likelihood of these accidents.

2. WHAT are the children on the bus doing?

On-bus cameras can capture the conduct of the children, allowing drivers to focus their attention on the road. Gone are the days where school bus drivers are distracted by the need to monitor the behavior of children on the bus. These cameras act as deterrents to misbehavior, as well as support for any needed disciplinary action.

3. WHERE is the bus?

New technology provides real time information about school bus locations. New school bus technology can track the bus and notify parents 10 minutes before the bus reaches it scheduled stop. This technology not only enhances student safety, it also is more convenient for parents, as it eliminates wasted time at school bus stops.


4. WHEN should maintenance or repairs be performed on the bus?

Computerized diagnostics and predictive maintenance technology help identify issues with the school bus and determine when maintenance or repairs are needed. This technology enhances the safety of the children by decreasing the chances of accidents caused by malfunctions that could have been prevented by needed maintenance and repairs.

5. HOW can I be sure my child is on the bus?

Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) trackers are being used to help parents and school authorities further ensure student safety. This new technology consists of RFID tags that students swipe into a card reader each time they board and leave the school bus. As the children swipe their cards, notifications are sent to the parents and school authorities, allowing assurance of a safe journey to and from school.

As more advancements are made in school bus technology, it is safe to say we will continue to see improvements in the safety and convenience of the transportation of our school children.

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