10 facts about Martin Luther King Jr. you might not know

Posted in Blog on January 20th, 2014.

Martin Luther King Jr. sought equality for African-Americans, the economically disadvantaged, and victims of injustice. Through his acts of peaceful protest, Martin Luther King Jr. played a key role in the civil rights movement and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. King was assassinated in 1968.

Enjoy these 10 things you might not know about Martin Luther King Jr. provided by

 1.  King's birth name was Michael, not Martin. School Training Solutions. Your Road to Success Begins here.
 2.  King entered college at the age of 15.
 3.  King received his doctorate in systematic theology.
 4.  King's "I Have a Dream" speech was not his first at the Lincoln Memorial.
 5.  King was jailed 29 times.
 6.  King narrowly escaped an assassination attempt a decade before his death.
 7.  King's last speech foretold his death.
 8.  Members of King's family did not believe James Earl Ray acted alone.
 9.  King's mother was also slain by a bullet.
 10.  George Washington is the only other American to have had his birthday observed as a national holiday.

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